About me

I'm a Software Engineer and Product Manager, currently galivanting the surface of the earth trying to find purpose and have fun along the way.

I have a lot of interest in tech start-ups, I host free advisory and insight sessions.

In my spare time, I like to play around with Figma, you can check out some of my designs here.


  • Rdre - a custom URL shortner that also provides user with detailed link statistics and social media engagement statistics.
  • Urbanyooba - an urban dictionary for keep track of slangs and social media trends.
  • Help2Find - an open source platform to connect NGO with cases of missing persons across the country.
  • Stardome - a competitive gaming platform for organizing tournaments.
  • WaveUs - a cross-platform logistics application with realtime user tracking.
  • Panda Clothing - An online clothing store, with payment via Stripe (This was my first React + Redux project).


  • For all my articles both technical and non-technical, I do a decent amount of blogging in the blog-section.
  • For non-technical/product articles, check out my Medium Publication.
  • I also work with some pretty amazing people to curate great stuff on culture and politics in Nigeria at RadioMonkeys Podcast.
  • I was featured on the CodEngine Blog earlier this year (2020).


  • Watch my talk on 'Intro to Virtual Machines and Containers' at the Microsoft Student Learn Ambassadors, UNILAG online session here.
  • Watch my talk on 'No-code related opportunities in tech' here.
  • I regularly go on the RadioMonkeys Podcast to rant about Nigeria, join hundreds of other weekly listeners.


  • I like to give free advice and insights to start-ups, feel free to book a session.
  • When I'm not working, I'm either taking very long walks or sleeping.