Foraying into Product Management -#JourneyToPM001.

Tue, 02 Mar 2021

Over the past few weeks, I've been thinking deeply about what I would like to do in the not so far future. In a couple of months, I would be a graduate looking for a full-time role. So I decide to take some time to review my options and various possible paths. Some of the paths I considered were: Project Management, FullStack Engineering, DevOps Engineering.

So why did I choose Product Management ?

Basically an alignment of interests. I took out a whole weekende to research functions and responsibilities of a PM; and I found it quite interesting and in line with a lot of things I would like to do and learn. I went through a lot of articles, but this was one of my favourite: Why I love being a Product Manager by Shalvika Sood.

Am I scared ?

Hell yes, I've spent most of time in Software Development and deciding to try something relatively new in my final year is a little scary, to say the least.

Taking baby steps.

The first move I made was to work on improving my knowledge of UX principles, lucky I got this fantastic book, 'Clueless to Designer'. The book is actually for people looking to become Product Designer, but it has a host of resources that will be useful for you too.

I applied for the Udacity Black in Tech Scholarship (Product Management Path), hopefully I get it because the course too cost for me 😂😂.

I would probably turn this is to a Bi-Monthly progess update or a weekly update. So, thanks for coming. See you next week or upper week

Edit I'm adding this edit, to answer some of the questions and feedback I got from friends and acquaintnces.

I think the most common question I got from literally everyone who read this article is "So are you going to stop coding?"

My answer: Nope. I understand that becoming a product manager will be a journey, in terms of developing and learning. Getting a role as a Product Designer/Product Manager is only the beginning of that learning journey. Also, I have a lot of committments I would to see through, till the end of April 2021.

Most people who know me, know I'm a 'start-up person'; I love fiddling and playing with ideas to see user reactions and responses. I'm currently working on a picture & chat-free dating site called Heartbeat. Generally to execute some of these projects, I have to code or work with friends/acquaintances who code. So, in summary, I would still be coding for a while.